Chi Siamo | Fugato Italia

High quality, tailoring knowhow, passion for details, a vocation for international markets, but first of all a story that begins in the post-war period in Ruvo di Puglia, when Antonio Paparella was still a child and visited a shop of a well-known master tailor. After having learned the tricks of the trade and taken his first steps in the activity he has always loved, Antonio opened his first workshop in 1962.

The time to start his first real company came twenty years later in 1982, combining the modernity of mass production with quality tailoring which does not go unnoticed. The baton was then passed to the founder’s sons, who had been given his important knowhow and enriched it with the ability to interpret and anticipate times with creativity and dynamism.

And finally the Fugato brand was created over 10 years ago with the design of a range of men’s overcoats ranging from classic to modern: high-level Italian production with an exquisite sartorial character, destined for a niche of enthusiasts who recognise quality in every detail.

The company Distribution Tessile, that produces and distributes the brand, use only the finest materials such as refined wool and blends, procuring fabrics from the best producers of Biella.
Over time the company developed a true vocation for international markets: today around 80% of its production is sent abroad.
Fugato garments set off for the most varied destinations: Europe, America, Japan, China, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

A reliable and experienced team dedicated to intuiting the challenges of the international markets season after season, which are always in turmoil, never banal and difficult to predict, always in the name of the Made in Italy quality that is still recognised and appreciated all over the world.